My Life Story

Peace, Love & Joy to You!

My name is Moses Nasser, and I have been blessed with the privilege of helping others in many ways.

Let’s start from the very beginning, which is a very good place to start!

My parents, Marlene and Moses Sr., arrived in New York as children, on a boat from Jordan, fleeing war, poverty and prejudice. Their parents came searching for a better life for their children and their children’s children. Being Christian Arabs, they were a shrinking minority in Jordan. My parents were then first generation immigrants. They had to balance a new place, new schools, new language, and culture shock. (Sit with my dad and he’ll tell you the stories!) They tried to find their own identities, balancing culture, family, religion and tradition.

Once my sister Beth-Ann and I came along, they decided to move even farther away from the Promised Land, to a new Promised Land called California (MY Promised Land!) My other sister and brother, Elaine and Frankie, followed suit, and we were an interesting dynamic. We would make movies together for hours; Frankie would make everyone laugh while Beth and Elaine would add creative touches to the scene. I would do the filming and editing. We all helped with special effects! Our movies were about five minutes long, yet they took an entire day to complete. Wondrous fun and creativity for all of us!

We grew up in La Verne and Upland, here in Southern California. I’ve always loved the Christmas sunshine. Lazy summer days were wonderful! We did a lot of playing in the streets, from olive fights to water balloons; football, street hockey, and any sport that could be played in a cul-de-sac! As I got older I spent more and more time studying, having made a decision to become a physician at a very young age.

In high school I took on a heavier and heavier load, taking advanced placement courses and examinations. I happen to do very well, earning college credits and graduating 8th in my class of over 600 students. My close circle of extremely bright and wonderful friends went to places like Stanford, Harvard and Yale. I decided to stay local and do my undergraduate studies at UCLA.

Physiological Sciences was the closest thing to medicine that I could think of back then. It ended up being extremely competitive! The classes were filled with pre-med students who wanted to kill each-other It was a ton of fun. The studying and examinations were coupled with a time of mental and spiritual awakening in so many ways. UCLA was a time to explore the fundamental beliefs I grew up with; to question them and analyze them in every way. I learned the difference between philosophy and religion. And I met people that would encourage me to follow my dreams and to continue to be my best.

During my first year in college, I met someone who become a dear friend of mine. He is Armenian, and so he would speak to me with intensity, with his face really close to mine while walking around UCLA! One day he sat at the piano in his apartment and started to play. I was mesmerized. Then he started singing- Elton John… then Lionel Ritchie… I couldn’t contain the excitement- it was like my black-and-white life in mono was suddenly 1080p HD in Dolby Digital Surround Sound! I watched his hands carefully, wishing I could play, but overwhelmed with the task of learning; finally, I insisted, “I have to do that! I have to! Nothing can stop me, I WILL LEARN!” He laughed and gave me his word that he would show me around the keyboard. As if nothing had happened, he tossed in a CD of some captivating classical music, exclaiming in his Armenian accent, “Moses, Listen! Listen! Listen to the piano! Now- hold on- ok now- listen to the violins! Oh my God Moses, do you hear them?! This is the most beautiful music ever created! Mozart was a genius! Rachmaninov’s hands were this big!” And on and on…and I continue to be mesmerized.

That summer, I went through a beginner’s piano book and learned the very basics. I came back to school in the fall; I would help Allen with Physics and he would teach me a few chords on the keyboard. I started writing songs from the heart, taking any chance I could to play on the piano in the lounge. The night with Allen would end on the roof with a cigar and some lost conversation about life and women. Walking home through the streets of Westwood with the street lights shining down on me, I would smile to myself with the satisfaction of knowing I was on some great adventure- having no idea where this adventure would take me.

UCLA continued to be filled with wonderful experiences and growth. It took until the end of my third year to begin taking classes on music theory, philosophy, and religion Although my love and fascination for music were instant, I was moving at light speed toward the goal of becoming a physician, and that consumed most of my time. I did explore psychology around that time, but I did not like the research oriented approach; I wanted to learn how to help people, how to talk to them, counsel them, and Love them. Little did I know that I would learn counseling through being a physician, and its effectiveness would be only as strong as my spiritual foundation.

My spiritual adventures at UCLA included active involvement in the Christian tradition. I had a “born again” experience, studied the bible with intensity, led a bible study at my home church in Pomona, and learned more about the depth of the Catholic tradition. I studied miracles and modern day saints like Padre Pio, and studied the appearances of Mary, Jesus’ Mother, which would later influence my thoughts on the Divine Feminine. I made friends with a group of men who loved God with a devotion that I had never seen in my life. Their lives were filled with love, joy, and compassion, while performing their work in society with an unprecedented level of honesty, integrity, and responsibility. The summer before medical school, I found myself teaching English to boys in Spain. That summer inspired me to help young men and boys; those programs are still in my heart and just beginning to unfold.

Medical school came in a flash, and with it came a new level of spiritual challenges and growth. It is here that I met a wonderful man named David Redding, D.O., who introduced me to the work of Edgar Cayce, one of the most famous channels in history. I began to ferociously study the readings and the methods and meanings of meditation. In anatomy and physiology classes we would study the physical body; through the readings, I began to connect the physical workings of the body with its mental and spiritual parts. This continued for many years, and has not ended; my study of the connections of body, mind, and spirit, the colors and the chakras, and the spiritual centers, continues until today. The last but missing link, which Cayce did not elucidate, is the precise connection of music and the centers of the body. The connection between Music and Life is my current adventure, the last link to the fullness of my own ability to help mankind.

After reading many books based on the Cayce readings, and studying them myself, Edgar Cayce began to fill in some of the gaps for me, answering many questions about the “God Story” that were lurking in my mind for many years. For that portion of my life, it left me very satisfied- more satisfied, spiritually, than I had ever been up until then. It was really here that I was able to connect diet, exercise, the glands of the body, emotions, hormones, colors, chakras/spiritual centers, the mind, thoughts, the will, and the soul- and APPLY the concepts DIRECTLY to my life. Meditating with the Radiac was key to my spiritual growth. And so began that Practical Spirituality was what I wanted to bring to the world, primarily through Meditation and Music, but also through whatever ways that God would lead me.

In recent years, I have become familiar with and extensively studied many modern spiritual masters and great authors. Through their wisdom I have experienced the wonderful and powerful concepts of Living in the Now, True Love, letting go of the Ego, and Living in Constant Love with Constant Awareness of the Divine in the body, emotions, mind, and soul. These concepts have transformed my life- an explosion of Spiritual Growth- and have multiplied and richly layered the Spiritual Meanings of ALL of my previous studies. There is nothing that I have seen that literally “contradicts” something else. There is Only Love, Always and Only Love, at All Times, Always. Then, there is un-Love, or egoity, “the flesh.” The nuances change, the interpretations change; but at the end of the line is One Thing: Love, or not. It’s that simple.

Please don’t get caught up in the details of what religion you are, or what religion you think that I am. This causes a sense of separate self; it is a show of egoity, and is not Love. I am here to help you. No matter where you are, please accept my gifts, and APPLY them in your life, and you will Grow, you will Know, you will be Happier, you will be more Aware of Divine Love in your life, you will be more able to Love, you will be more able to Experience Relationship as Love.

As I write this, my fullest purpose is to help you in a very specific way. That way is the way of Practical Spirituality. What can I do to help You to Love, to Realize your truest Nature, as Pure Bliss, Pure Love, Pure Ecstasy in the Presence of Spirit? My heart is to put together programs that do just that. I have taken the accumulation of experience as a physician, a musician, and as a Human Being in search of the Divine, and I am channeling all of that, with Great Love, to create programs that are Practical, Applicable and Simple. If I can touch the heart of one person, that they would be a bit more Joyful at having met me, then I have fulfilled my entire purpose.

The didgeridoo is my newest instrument. It is filled with rich overtones and I use it to send out blessings each evening- to You, to the World, and to my children (they love it!). My Spiritual and Musical studies and adventures are never ending and filled with Joy and Peace.

Today, as you read this, I am sending you a very special blessing. I hope that you will use the tools that I offer to help you live Happily, Now and Always. We are living in a Transformational Time for Humankind, a time of Change, and a time of Growth and Spiritual Transformation for the World. The day is today; the time is Now.

With Great Love and Intense Joy,

Yours Truly,

Dr. Moses.

Dr. Moses is a Licensed & Board Certified Osteopathic Family Physician and Holistic Musician, specializing in Spirituality, Meditation, Mind-Body Healing, and Music for Healing.

He is also a Composer, Writer, and Spiritual Life Coach. His life purpose is Practical Spirituality: To create programs that will transform our world one person at a time, helping Human Beings become Happy again: Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

Dr. Moses studied Physiological Sciences at UCLA and went on to Western University of Health Sciences to study Osteopathic Medicine. He currently resides in sunny Southern California.