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Welcome to my heart.

I am here to love you.

My love for you is Deep.





and Non-judgmental.

My love for you is direct, from my heart to yours.

Teenagers: My heart breaks for you as I remember the struggle between dependence and independence.

Artists: My heart explodes for you as I explode in my own art: music, meditation, spirituality, and comedy.

Parents: My heart has compassion for you as I parent my own children.

Couples and Spouses: My heart weeps openly for you as I journey through my own marriage.

Students: My heart vibrates with joyful creativity for you as I continuously hone my craft, and as I remember the years I spent learning the art of doctoring.

Here I Am.

I have chosen to be honest.

Very honest.

Scary honest.

I am here to speak plainly with you.

I am here to connect with you, deeply.

What is my ulterior motive?

My ulterior motive is to spend my life energy making sacred art- words and music for hearts;

and connecting with you from the innermost parts of my heart;

and yelling a heroic cry for Peace, Prior Unity,  and Tolerance;

creating heartfelt, honest, no-BS, vulnerable connectedness, between us, and All.

Will you join me?