Free Spiritual Guided Meditation for Chakra Balancing by Dr. Moses: Free Guided Meditation mp3 download

Spiritual Guided Meditation for

Chakra Balancing

Free Guided Meditation Mp3

Entirely Created by Dr. Moses

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This meditation is filled with Light and Love! As you listen to it:

  1. Be filled with Light and Love
  2. Balance your entire being
  3. Feel a deep peace
  4. Feel rejuvenated afterword
  5. Balance your entire Chakra system, one by one.
  6. Purify your Chakras, one by one.
  7. Use as a standalone meditation.
  8. Use as a preparation for deeper meditations.

Divine Light will travel through all of your Chakras, in this order:

(I included the Chakra colors also for your enjoyment)

  1. Pituitary gland (forehead/third eye) (purple)
  2. Pineal gland (back of head) (indigo)
  3. Thyroid gland (throat center) (light blue)
  4. Testicles/Ovaries (Sacral / base chakra) (red)
  5. Abdomen/ Leyden (orange)
  6. Adrenal glands (Solar plexus) (yellow)
  7. Thymus gland (the Heart center) (green)
  8. Thyroid gland (throat center) (light blue)
  9. Pineal gland (back of head) (indigo)
  10. Pituitary gland (forehead) (purple)

This is the order that Edgar Cayce recommended for the purification of the Chakras in preparation for Meditation, or during Meditation.

You may use this free Guided Meditation as often as you like, in two ways:

  1. As a stand-alone meditation
  2. Before you do your own meditation, it will be a perfect preparation, allowing you to enter meditation:
    1. Peacefully
    2. In deep meditation
    3. Safely
    4. Balanced
    5. Relaxed
    6. With Love.