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Your Kids Are Starving For Your Attention, But You’re On Your Phone

Since we started homeschooling my middle daughter, I take my other two kids to school every morning. My seventh grade son jumps out to be on time, but my first grade daughter doesn’t start until 8:15, so we get an extra 10 – 15 minutes to spend some one-on-one, high-quality, undistracted time together — or […]

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Spiritual & Real Life Effects of FPS Violent Video Games (FPS=First Person Shooters)

What Is A “First-Person Shooter” (FPS) Violent Video Game? “First-person shooter” (FPS) video games is a type of shooting video game experience. There are two aspects to this type of game. One aspect is that the player is shooting some type of weapon, like a gun or rifle. The second aspect is that it is […]

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Are Cell Phones The Robots Taking Over Society? We Need Your Help.

Good morning. The other day I had a patient- a teenager. Once I finished examining her, I spoke with her for a minute about her diagnosis. I then turned to fill out my note, and after about 10 seconds I starting talking again about the medicine she needed. I looked up and she was conveniently […]

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