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Video (0:46) Arguing Is Ego Activity, Separation In Action

Learn why arguing comes from a place where you are already not in relationship. Related Product (Listen To A Sample):

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Video: It’s nobody’s fault! We are the ones causing our own suffering (3:54)

  My kids offer me endless opportunity for being creative in how I teach them. One of my biggest issues with them is their fighting, and trying to teach my son to be nice/not harm his sisters. In this video I explain how the ego is like a computer software program. Our suffering is being […]

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What I Learned From Charlie, My Kitten

Today I was playing with Charlie, my kitten, and I couldn’t help laughing at how small his brains are. He’s REALLY stupid! I was wiggling a string around for 10 minutes, and he would just keep on grabbing for it and biting it, non-stop. Why does he want the wiggling string?? My wife will take […]

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