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What Is Practical Spirituality?

What is “Practical Spirituality”? “Practical Spirituality” is the Practical Application of Spiritual Truth. We live in a world where spirituality is viewed as something that is our of our reach. To be spiritual, some people think they must leave their families and go to India, enter a monastery, shave their heads, and pray for 14 […]

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Does God know the future? A conversation with my son, Simon.

I was having a conversation this morning with my son, and he basically in a few words summarized the argument of predestination. We agreed to disagree LOL He believes that God knows the future. I believe that the future depends on our choices. I told him, that removes responsibility. That means that it doesn’t matter […]

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About One Source Healing, Inc.

Who is One Source Healing, Inc. (OSH)? One Source Healing, Inc. is the company founded and run by Dr. Moses Nasser, an Osteopathic Physician, to organize projects that bring spiritual growth to all human beings, based on ego-transcending spirituality, responsibility, and Love. The tools to create that growth are creative by nature, and may encompass […]

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