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About One Source Healing, Inc.

Who is One Source Healing, Inc. (OSH)? One Source Healing, Inc. is the company founded and run by Dr. Moses Nasser, an Osteopathic Physician, to organize projects that bring spiritual growth to all human beings, based on ego-transcending spirituality, responsibility, and Love. The tools to create that growth are creative by nature, and may encompass […]

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Free Chakra Balancing for Energy, Inner Peace, and Relaxation- free mp3 download

Chakra Balancing Spiritual Guided Meditation Energy – Inner Peace – Relaxation Free Download Hello and Welcome! To receive this free meditation in your inbox, along with a complete Introduction to Meditation, including how to meditate, please sign up for our email newsletter. Thank you! This meditation is filled with Light and Love! As you listen […]

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