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How To Deal With Whining Kids Without Losing Your Mind.

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” I hammered back at the whining child in front of me, with a smirk. She stopped and stared curiously at me, confused, before she went right back to it. “I WANT I-PAAAAAAAAAAD!” “Stop that! Stop it NOW or you’re gonna get it!” her flustered mom yelled back. “AAAAAAHHHHHHH! BUT I WAAAAAANT IIIIIIIIIIT!” “I said […]

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Coming of Age: For Parents & Teenagers- Extended Podcast

Be Happy, Now! Practical Spirituality with Dr. Moses. In this video I speak to our teens and parents about the meaning of turning 14 and the vital steps we all need to take to avoid the unnecessary rebellion that accompanies adolescence. Blessings and Peace! Enjoy! Love, Dr. Moses Transcript: Article – Coming of Age for […]

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