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Toilet Yoga: Sidebends Will Open Your Back… AND Your Colon!

Toilet Yoga: Sidebends! (One of my favorites) Hi! I’m Dr. Moses, and this is the Toilet Yoga SIDEBENDS! Please consult your doctor before starting ANY exercise program, and if you get dizzy please stop and sit on the floor, so as not to fall. Alrighty, so the benefits of sidebends are many. It stretches your […]

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Lose Weight & Beat Constipation With This ONE Tiny Habit.

Tiny Habits = Big Results I’ve been making small changes in my life in a big way lately. It seems many of my life goals and passions are being stopped by 2 simple things: fear and behavior change. My fiercely creative spirit will not stop pushing me to write and create; the inkling is always […]

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Toilet Yoga: Do The Twist! Seated Yoga Twist for Low Back Pain

Seated Yoga Guidelines Remember toilet yoga can be done anytime you are sitting down, whether on the couch or in a chair, or especially when traveling in a car, bus, or airplane. Be gentle on your body! Start slowly and gently, and stop if it hurts. It should feel like a good, soft stretch. Being […]

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