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Book Review For “Prior Unity”: Required Reading!

“Prior Unity” is a short book that emphasizes that all beings are a “prior unity,” always already as One. If I was the president, I’d make it required reading for everyone on the planet! You can buy it off Amazon here. You can also learn more about it and read excerpts from it at www.priorunity.org. Here is […]

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Cooperative Community: A Summary

Community Ideals: unity, cooperation, true and deep relationship, interdependence, non-competitiveness, harmlessness, selflessness, and service.  Personal responsibility for health, the environment, animals, work, and relationships.  This means that we are not manipulating each other for our personal gain, and we are honest in our workplace and in our homes.  Sales workers are honest and forthright, and […]

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An Outline of Community, based on the book “Prior Unity”

I am deeply moved by the book, Prior Unity. It’s a small book, about a hundred pages, but it’s one of the most powerful books I have ever read. It is a world changing book! I recommend that every human being read it. You can read my full review and buy it off Amazon here. You […]

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