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Behavior = rules rules rules… But how do we teach love?

Someone very close to me has the pattern of Aspergers Syndrome. He’s obsessed with rules. This is great when it comes to managing behavior. When managing behaviors, we use the system of rewards and punishment. In it’s simplest form, you reward good behavior and punish (or ignore) bad behavior. In the world of “ABA,” or […]

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This Is Crazy: A Comedy Show About Autism, with Comedian Kirk Smith

Hi! I’m Dr. Moses, and I LOVE comedy! Thank you for joining me in supporting autism related non-profits with our show, “This Is Crazy: A Comedy Show About Autism!” I’m super excited to be bringing Kirk Smith to the stage. Kirk is an author and comedian, and he has a son with autism. His show […]

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Alternative Vaccination / Immunization Schedules

Immunizations and Alternative Vaccination Schedules I have been researching the vaccination debate for years now. While I would love to avoid vaccinations all-together, the reality is that some of these diseases are life threatening, and it may be prudent to vaccinate. Always remember that we are not cattle, and vaccination can never be required! It […]

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