.Spiritual Guided Meditation for Headaches, Jaw Pain (TMJ) & Shoulder Tightness: Muscular Relaxation

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.Spiritual Guided Meditation for Headaches, Jaw Pain (TMJ) & Shoulder Tightness: Muscular Relaxation

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In this 12-minute guided meditation, Dr. Moses lovingly helps you relax the muscles in your entire body, especially the most common problem areas, such as the neck, shoulders, and jaw. Backed by beautiful music and created with great love, this guided meditation will leave you relaxed and refreshed. Enjoy!

Format: mp3 download

Length: 12 minutes

1 Track: Spiritual Guided Meditation for Muscular Relaxation


Product Description

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Do you suffer from headaches? Most headaches are classified as tension headaches, which are caused by tension! The tension comes from muscle tightness in the neck, shoulders, jaw joints (TMJ) and facial muscles. In this meditation, you will relax those muscles (and learn how to relax them even when you are not meditating), which can relieve your headaches(I also recommend neck stretches if you suffer from headaches or TMJ pain.)

Do you suffer from TMJ pain? “Temporomandibular joint” pain comes from your jaw joints at the sides of your head. This meditation will guide you into relaxing those joints and muscles, relieving the tension and pain there.

If you carry your stress in your neck, shoulders or back, then this meditation will guide you into relaxing those muscles, relieving stress in your body, leaving you more relaxed and leaving your muscles softer. 

If you suffer from back pain, the pain itself causes your muscles to tighten up, which causes more pain! It’s a negative cycle. This meditation will guide you into letting go of that muscle contraction, helping you breathe, relax, and break the pain-tightness-more pain cycle.

Do you feel uptight all the time? By breathing and relaxing, I will guide you into simply letting go and feeling more relaxed. The muscle tightness is an outward expression of that tension, and this meditation helps you to relax “from the outside in”.  🙂

Do your friends tell you you need Botox?! Do you always look upset because you tend to scrunch up your facial muscles? In this meditation, I’ll help you relax your facial muscles so you don’t have to spend all your money on Botox.  🙂

Do you grind your teeth? Grinding your teeth comes from tension and stress. It can cause tooth fracturing, loosening, or even losing your teeth, costing thousands of dollars to repair them or for dentures. In this meditation, you’ll learn how to relax overall, relieving that tension that is set deep inside of your nervous system. You’ll also relax your jaw (your TMJ muscles) so that you can fall asleep more peacefully and not grind your teeth.

Length: 12 minutes, mp3 downloadable product

Words, Vocal & Recording by Dr. Moses

Music by Prof. Alex Galvan

Lovingly produced by One Source Healing, Inc.

Copyright 2016, One Source Healing, Inc.