Christian Guided Meditation For Healing (30:15)


Christian Guided Meditation For Healing (30:15)

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  • Instant Meditation and Deep Relaxation
  • Stop Your Running Mind and Fall Asleep
  • Experience Deep Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Healing.


“…a healing experience.”

“…amazing experience…”

“…cleanse our spirit and get closer to God.”

“A beautiful experience.”

“…very relaxing…”

“…reception of the divine healing energy…”

“…I could feel it all through my body.”

“…calming and relaxing.”

“…anxiety has decreased dramatically.”

“…sleep so much better…”

“…able to concentrate so much better throughout the day.”

“…feel much more relaxed and at ease.”

“…more productive…”

“…a lot less stress.”

“…as a relaxation tool…”

“…a mood enhancer.”

“…peaceful calm…”

“…deep relaxation.”

“…health and spiritual joy.”

“…fall asleep while listening…”

“…feel stronger, healthier and happier…”

“It is so calming…”

“…bringing me peace.”

“…felt the heat within me, my palms went hotter as I held them in prayer for others…”

“…feel the loving healing energy…”

“…feel happy…”

“…felt the love and warmth of Jesus in me.”

“…ridding my body of sin and evil spirits.”

“…spoken to so many areas of brokenness in my body and spirit and heart.”

“…brought tears to my eyes, when the presence of Jesus filled my heart.”

“…hit another plane and think of Jesus.”

“…free the bad thoughts and lets you focus on the positive ones.”

“…struggling with anger and this is just what I needed.”

“I can’t explain how great I feel after listening and meditating to this.”

“I feel safe getting into Christian meditation.”

“…helping me with healing and on other levels as well.”

Meditate Today

This program contains 3 audio tracks.

  • An introduction to the program with detailed instructions on how to use the guided meditation, and how to prepare for meditation.

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  • A complete Christian-guided meditation that includes a complete balancing of your spiritual centers, and then a light filled journey of complete healing: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, in the Name of Jesus. Backed by music with soft, intense, pure harmonies that support healing and the movement of energy that coordinate with the guided meditation.

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  • The music by itself for listening while meditating on your own, if you desire. Also, if you finish the guided meditation and want to continue in a blissful state, let the music play in the background for another 30 minutes.

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Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access To Download & Stream the Meditation From Any Device

(If you don’t like it, just email me and I’ll send you a full refund. No time limit.)

Pay with Paypal (with a credit card) and you will get an email with your link to download. Simply download the file, double click it, and start meditating!

Thank You And God Bless You.

With Love,
Dr. Moses.

P.S. If this is not the best Guided Meditation you have ever experienced, you have 90 days to send me a quick email, and I will gladly send you a full refund.

And yes, you get to keep the meditation! Thank you again, Blessings and Peace to you in Jesus’ Name.

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The Source of this Guided Meditation
Please do not underestimate the depth and strength of this Christian Guided Imagery program. I want you to understand the source of this Guided Meditation. Years and years of experience and knowledge have gone into making it the best healing guided meditation on earth. I don’t say that lightly. I mean it from my core.

It is the work of many years of both Study And Experience, that combine all of the following:

  • As a physician, a deep and thorough knowledge of the physical and psychological make-up of human beings.
  • A deep and thorough knowledge of the structure of the physical body, through Osteopathic Manipulation.
  • A deep and thorough knowledge of the nervous system, the glandular system, hormones, and emotions.
  • A deep and thorough knowledge of the connections between the physical body, the Mind-Brain interface, and the Emotions.
  • Years of experience with different types of Prayer, Christian Meditation Music, and Contemplation.
  • Years of experience with Natural Healing.
  • Years of experience with live Christian Guided Meditations for patients while doing Osteopathic Manipulation and the Laying on of Hands.
  • Years of study of the healing properties of Beautiful Music and Harmony, as a Spiritual Musician, and how different types of Music effect Healing in different ways.
Combining my knowledge as a physician with my experience with meditation and music, there is a clear and obvious continuum between Body, Mind, and Soul, as the following:

  • The physical glands of the body, that release hormones into the blood.
  • Those hormones modulate certain changes in the physical brain and body.
  • Those changes effect specific emotions and mental thoughts and images.
  • These emotions are related to specific colors, that are associated with those specific areas in the body.
  • Those areas are connected with Spiritual Principles, like Anger and Forgiveness, or Love and unLove.
  • Certain musical chords and ideas connect with those different spiritual centers.

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I connect ALL of this knowledge and experience to deeply intertwine The Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual portions of the Human Being.

The Result

A COMPLETE, Christ Light-Filled, Christian Guided Imagery for Healing program, with Healing Words, Healing Harmonies, and the Healing, Loving Energy of my Voice, For Your Total, True, Deep, Christ-Filled and Purely Loving Entire Healing, in the Name of Jesus:

  • Physical Healing
  • Emotional Healing
  • Mental/Psychological Healing
  • Spiritual Healing

Your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul, will be Filled to OVERFLOW with the:

  • Love of God
  • Light of the Holy Spirit
  • Faith & Hope
  • Peace of Christ
  • Cleansing Power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus
  • Healing Power of the Holy Spirit

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With a Deep and Thorough Healing of your Body, Mind, and Heart, Cleansing all of the emotions, frustrations and anger with the Light of Christ, that Overcomes ALL.

Experience Real Christian Meditation in Jesus’ Name, Today.

Let the Light of Christ:

  • Fill You,
  • Heal You,
  • Transform You,
  • & RENEW YOU.
Experience Inner Transformation
As You Listen, Experience Inner Transformation:

  • Be Filled With the Holy Spirit.
  • Realize a Deeper Relationship with God, in the Name of Jesus.
  • Solidify the Presence of Jesus Christ in your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.
  • Make Your FAITH a Living & Vibrant Reality.
  • Let the Light of God Overflow to All of your Relationships and All Whom You Love.
  • Pray for Others in a more Powerful Way, Sending them the Light and Love of God, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  • Forgive Others and Experience Forgiveness in a Deep and Powerful Way, in the Name of Jesus.


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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Yogis and monks meditate for hours and hours per day. They study meditation for years- decades- to learn the secrets of the Divine. Many hundreds of books on meditation have been written. And there are hundreds of courses on the internet teaching meditation.

    Meditation has been a part of almost all of the spiritual traditions of human kind for thousands of years.

    The good news is that you don’t have to know ANYTHING about meditation to use this program!

    All you have to do is press play and close your eyes, and I absolutely guarantee that you will be meditating within minutes!

    If you have never meditated in your entire life, not even once, I guarantee you that you will be able to easily meditate by simply listening to this Guided Meditation for Healing that I have created for you.

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  • Let others who enjoy this meditation tell you:
    “So so beautiful and tears on my face. I’m so thankful, and many Blessings to you from the heart.”
    “I am a seasoned meditator of several decades and your meditation is one of the best.”
    “That was intense!”
    “Thank you Dr. Moses, this was the most beautiful healing meditation of all. I felt the heat within me, my palms went hotter as I held them in prayer for others, I feel so thankful and will share it on Facebook for others to feel the loving healing.”
    “Thank you very much for this, I don’t have words to describe what I saw and felt during the meditation. Love and light to you.”
    “Very good.. I felt the healing & I saw Sanada. Thank you. Namaste.”
    “That was an amazing experience, thank you very much Dr. Moses!”

    This is a deep meditation. It’s no joke! Whether you’ve been meditating for years, or have never meditated before in your life, this meditation will take you into a very deep state of relaxation, peace and healing.

    You will come back to it for years, and you will share it with your loved ones, knowing that they will get as much out of it as you have.

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  • Because of the overwhelming amount of things that you have to do during the course of one day, it is so hard to relax and clear your mind at night so you can get the deep sleep that your body and mind need.

    You can not recover from your day unless you sleep- and sleep deeply.

    Shallow, erratic sleep is not enough. You don’t get into the deeper sleep states where your body releases melatonin and other hormones that make you feel young and rejuvenated in the morning.

    Also, your adrenal glands, which release stress hormones like cortisol, need to be rejuvenated, and they get totally drained from no sleep and too much coffee/sodas.

    When you listen to Spiritual Guided Meditation for Healing, you will be able to clear your mind completely, letting go of the days problems and stresses. You will then fall into a deep and peaceful sleep. I guarantee it!

    If not, I’ll happily refund you 100% of the purchase price.

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  • You Can Reap the Benefits While It Plays In The Background!

    When I would let the meditation play in my office in the background, over and over again, everyone in the office would leave smiling and relaxed! It was amazing! No one sat down with eyes closed- it was pure background. It affected everyone subconsciously in a wonderful way!

    If you listen to the Guided Meditation in the background while doing activities with family or loved ones, you can pay attention to them, get the benefits of relaxation from the meditation, and as an added bonus, your loved ones get to also reap the benefits subconsciously!

    You can also listen to the meditation while doing laundry, cleaning, or eating lunch at home/work. While doing any activity that doesn’t take too much concentration, you can play it in the background.

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  • No! There are NO subliminal messages in this meditation.

    All of the messages in this Guided Meditation are spoken out loud. The beauty and love of the words and the music are plain and in front of you. Nothing is hidden.

    This allows you to use your will to choose Divine Love for yourself, instead of manipulating your subconscious with hidden messages.

    You can feel 100% safe while allowing the Love of God to fill your every part, as harmonious and loving music washes and nourishes your soul.

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  • Us doctors theorize all day about the causes of fibromyalgia. Some doctors don’t even believe it’s a real disease!

    What studies have shown, though, is that most patients with fibromyalgia also have depression or anxiety. We don’t know how they are related, but we know there is a deep connection between the actual real physical pain that you feel in your body, and your hidden emotions, anxieties, and past traumas.

    Through consistent listening to this Healing Guided Meditation, the Light of God will move into the core of your being, and treat the initial cause of your dis-ease, helping you to find the deep emotional damage that is alive and kickin’ in your subconscious, and slowly but surely open and heal them, one by one.

    If it doesn’t help your fibromyalgia, I’ll give you a full refund. Period.

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