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Dealing with email: Week 3

(I’m sending you this because I’m here to help you be happy. And it’s hard to be happy when email is a constant burden upon your life. We have to “clean up” our lives so we can grow spiritually). The minute you open your email, BAM the brain becomes a slave to what it sees. […]

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Dealing With Email: Week 2

Email is life threatening! LOL. Email is not a phone call or even a text message, so it is not made for immediate response. Email is for responding within 1-2 days, or longer. So don’t feel pressured to have your email open all day! It’s a time waster because it’s a¬†constant interruption to everything you […]

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Dealing With Email: Week 1

I’ve been thinking a lot about my “email relationship” with you. Email is hard for all of us. So, I thought I’d start by helping you get rid of email clutter and make your inbox manageable. We’ll do this over the next few weeks. It’s a process. Let’s start with these 2 things: Step 1– […]

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