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Books You Need as a Student or Resident

Sanford Guide:   Absolutely essential to learn the bugs and drugs (see chart around page 52 or so) and to know the most recent recommendations to treat every type of infection MPR (take one from a doctors office) or palm drugs program like epocrates.  Do not use the pocket Tarascon until you are at least […]

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Residency Research Paper

ACOFP Research Paper Guidelines For Osteopathic (D.O.) Family Practice Residents For Osteopathic Family Practice (Family Medicine) residents, follow this link to download the original ACOFP guidelines to the research paper that is due before you finish residency. This will bring you to the ACOFP website where they have all of the forms that residents may […]

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I AM a Doctor! Now what? Is this who I am?

A letter from Dr. Moses Nasser, D.O., To the graduating class of 2012, To all medical students, and To all Doctors: Dear Doctor, DOCTOR. The word, the name – “Doctor” – carries with it thousands of years of history, culture, expectation, and implied meaning. For some, it denotes respect, authority, and influence. For others, it […]

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