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Why do we feel stuck and miserable?

It’s so funny because we walk around living life stuck in our heads and in our patterning, WITHOUT US EVENING KNOWING IT. We pay $5 for a cup of coffee very day, without even flinching. We fight with our husbands and wives about the same stupid things, over and over. We yell at our kids, […]

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Constipation is Horrible! Here is the Simple Cure for Constipation.

Constipation is a huge problem in adults and children. The worst part of it is that most doctors don’t ever talk about it! ESPECIALLY PEDIATRICIANS! It’s horrible. I remember when I was a medical student, this pediatrician told one mom that it was “normal” for a child to be constipated! She said that some kids […]

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Feeling Inspired After Meeting Jon Favreau

Hi! Last night I drove into LA to try and see one of my favorite actors. I’d been wanting to meet him for about 4 years! I was extremely nervous, planning what I would say to him and rehearsing over and over in the car. Once I got to the hotel (The Line), valet took […]

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